Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Relinquish sense gratification…..………...... Nectarean Mellows

How important it is in our spiritual lives to execute our activities under regulation with control of the senses. The purpose of all regulative principles in devotional service is to learn to control the mind and senses so that they can be fully engaged in the service of the Lord otherwise a vaishnava sees no value in controlling the mind and senses. In the material world, of course, there are those who are in the influence in the mode of ignorance, passion and goodness. The true value of the mode of goodness is that it provides the most blessed opportunity to engage our mind and senses in Krsna’s service and thus transcend the modes of material nature. So to control the mind and the senses is very, very important. Sometimes it comes fashionable even within the society of vaishnavas where they do not want to speak about this topic of giving up sense gratification they are more concerned with speaking either prajalpa or gossip or sometimes they are very concerned with speaking about various pastimes and philosophies regarding the Personality of Godhead. However unless they are deeply convinced and motivated to control their mind and senses & relinquish sense gratification, they will have very little realisation of the subjects they are discussing.

H H Radhanath Swami Maharaj

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