Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Happiness and distress come by nature's law

Prahlad Maharaja said, "God is the dearmost personality of all. We have to search for God." Then what about the material necessities of life? Prahlad Maharaja replies to this, "You are after sense gratification. I know that. Sense gratification is automatically achieved by contact with this body." Because a hog has a certain type of body, his sense gratification comes from eating stool, the very thing which is most obnoxious to you. At once, after evacuating, you leave to get free from the bad smell--but the hog is waiting. As soon as you evacuate, he will at once enjoy. Other animals are not attracted because one's form of pleasure-seeking is due to his particular body. There are different types of sense gratification according to different types of bodies. Therefore, Prahlad says, "My dear friends, sense gratification is achieved according to one's particular type of body." Everyone who has a material body receives sense gratification. Don't think that the hogs eating stools are unhappy. No, they are getting fat in that way.
They are very happy. Now, if a hog can achieve sense gratification, why not a human being? But that is not our achievement. That is given by nature; the facilities of a hog's body are offered by nature, and the facilities of a dog's body are also offered by nature, or God. Why should you labor for facilities which you are destined to receive anyway, by nature's law? In every form of life the bodily demands are satisfied by the arrangement of nature. This gratification is arranged, just as there is an arrangement for distress. Do you like fever? No. Why does it come? I do not know. But it does come, does it not? Yes. Did you try for it? No. So how does it come? By nature. That is the only answer. Similarly, if miseries come by nature, your happiness will also come by nature. Don't
bother about it. That is the instruction of Prahlad Maharaja. If you can receive the miseries of life without effort, similarly, you can haveyour happiness also without effort.

Then, what is the real purpose of this human form of life? You have to cultivate Krsna consciousness. Other things will be obtained by nature's law, or God's law. Even if I don't try, whatever I am to achieve because of my past work and my particular type of body will be supplied. At any stage or in any form of life, facility is given for sense gratification. As you do not try for misery, so also happiness will take place without your control. Your real concern, therefore, should be to seek out the higher goal of human life.

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