Monday, July 20, 2009

Enthusiasm in KC by Radhanath Maharaj (Nectarean Mellow)

It is our duty to be enthusiastic in our devotional service to God. If you go to a restaurant waitress of the restaurant is very polite, she may not feel polite, she may hate you, but still she says “Oh thank you very much for coming sir”. So we don’t act according to our mind’s demands, we act according to what is best for us, according to our prescribed duty. It is our duty to be enthusiastic whether you feel enthusiastic or notbecause that will please Krishna. And if you do so; Krishna will see your desire and then He will fill your heart with real enthusiasm. He will pay you; he will pay you well by giving you true enthusiasm and deep realisation. So the time we don’t have enthusiasm is the best time to make spiritual advancement if you act enthusiastic any way. That shows we are sincere. Any one can do things, which they like to do all the time, but the real bliss of Krishna Consciousness is when your mind and senses say NO but your intelligence says I will do anyway for the pleasure of the Lord for the service of the Lord. So you are acting in enthusiasm and enthusiasm will come, not just the mental emotional state of enthusiasm, the real spiritual inspiration of enthusiasm will gradually come.

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