Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Art of Chanting Hare Krishna

Hare Krishna,

I am reading Art Of Chanting Hare Krishna by Mahanidhi Swami Where in

book very practical tips of inproving our chanting is given, So I decide to Share the same with all the Vaisnava's advises me......Some of the points I found were very striking and helped me also lot ....

1. When the conditiond soul pleases Guru and Sri Krishna, the svarupa-sakti ( Internal Spiritual potency ) of the Lord descends upon him, and enables him to purely chant the divine name.

2. Without hearing from Sastra and saints , however one can never understand the power, value and benefits of the Sri Krishna's divine name, form attributes, pastimes and holy abode.

3. "" Prayers before Starting Japa"" Reciting the prayers before chanting the japa will purify the mind, create a feeling of humility, and establish the mood of service in the heart.. Meditate deeply upon the meaning of the important prayers and try to memorize them..One can maintain proper mood of service and humility during the japa by reemembering the prayers while chanting...

I am pure spirit soul. I am not a brahmana, Ksatriya, vaisya, or a sudra,. Nor I am Brahmacari, grahastha or vanaprastha, or sanyasi, I am not more than servent of servent of lotus feet of Krsna, the maintainer of gopis, . Krishna is ocean of nector and the cause of universal transcendental bliss. He always exist with Brillance...,

  End with Prayers

Oh ! Most beautiful and merciful Radha and Krishna Please accept this offering of japa which I tried my best to chant for your pleasure. please forgive me for all my offenses and inattentions..please engage me in your loving devotional service and teach me how to increase my attachment and love for you. Please protect me from Maya. Please help me remember your beautiful pastimes, name, form throughout the day....

O Govinda ! Feeling your separation I am considering a moment like a 12 years or more .Tears are flowing from my eyes like torrents of rains and I am feeling all vacant in the world in your absence.

O energy of the lord please accept me ! ! So the vibration is simply a cry for addressing the supreme lord requesting him

"Please Accept me !" "Please Accept me !" "Please Accept me !"

To Sincerely cry for Krishna one must truly feels helpless, fallen & unfortunate. Calling out to Krishna is a mood of complete dependence surely toches the lord heart.

I am wretched sinner drowning into the ocean of material existence. If Krsna does't cast his compassion upon me than I have no one to turn to.

" Crying for krsna is absolutely necessary.


I hope and prey that Krishna will listen to all of us preyers.

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